Benchmarking & Diagnostics

How can you make improvements when you don’t know where you are? How can you see value when you don’t know how the rest of your industry is performing? We specialise in high-intensity engagements (no more than eight weeks) in which we can benchmark the business, take its pulse, and validate that change management plans will be an effective use of funds. We’re the ‘critical friend’ to the business and your ace card in achieving new productivity.

These days we work in a state of constant change. But change management programmes have a habit of going off the rails! Why? Because despite all the effort and budget, a lack of upfront benchmarking and strategy means programmes head off in the wrong direction, or without adequate resourcing in the right places.

We bring you industry-wide expertise and competences, plus knowledge from 15 years at the coal-face in major infrastructure projects; to validate your plans and make useful recommendations. Spend a little now, and we’ll save you potentially hundreds of thousands of pounds later.

To see how we can change the fortunes of your project, contact one of our team on 020 3627 7969.

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