Benefits Realisation

Even with the best intentions, great plans can go awry. Benefits Realisation is the process of ensuring that what looks good on paper ends up just as good in reality – and for the right price in terms of cost, resources and efficiency. It requires a blend of diligence, management, communication and smart use of data. We can help you with all of these, so that at the end of your next project, you can evidence excellence throughout.

Benefits Realisation is about getting things done as planned. It’s also about demonstrating and evidencing that success – so that future decisions aren’t taken in the dark. Failure is unpleasant. But doing a great job and not having the metrics to understand why, and how to do it again, is just as bad!

Our Benefits Realisation activities are all about giving you the processes (reporting, review, process mapping, analysis resource) and therefore the data (systems, IT, paper reporting) to understand your situation in depth. This allows you to make course adjustments with confidence, report to other stakeholders, prevent challenges from becoming crises – and give credit where it’s due.

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