Bespoke Training

What’s the point in investing in your team’s skills – which is the right thing to do – and then minimise the effectiveness of that investment by buying off-the-shelf? Every organisation is different. And to add real value, your leadership training should be bespoke; moulded precisely to your operational challenges. That’s how we ensure that training delivers real results, affecting efficiency, productivity, morale and project timescales.

In the past ten years or so, training has undergone a revolution. Professional learning – accountancy, law, health and safety etc. – remains sponsored by companies because they are mandated by either the law, a trade body or a regulator. But the rest of the wide world of skills – leadership, management and the rest – have sometimes fallen by the wayside. The reason is simple: why would a business invest in training staff who might take those skills to a competitor?

Our approach is to deliver training with surgical precision: tailored to the needs of the business or even an individual project; so that you see results from your investment immediately. We use psychometrics and gap analyses to identify exactly the skills you need to yield the best results from the people you already have, to create career paths for them which will continue to build value and loyalty, and to solve immediate challenges so that you can get projects over the line on time and on budget. It’s training that’s applied to your exact circumstances – and that means a powerful ROI.

“The A2B process allowed us to get far
more people trained and business-ready in a much shorter timescale than we had thought possible. Jim’s team were with us throughout, and we now have an in-house team with the skills and confidence to flex to demand and maintain best practice within the business.”

Chris Sampson, TfL SUP Induction Trainer

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