New Case Study: GTR

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We’re delighted to showcase our work with GTR – one of the UK’s much maligned Train Operating Companies. The TOCs are bearing the brunt of public outrage at the quality of rail services. And sometimes that frustration is justified; sometimes it isn’t. Nobody can deny, however, the TOCs’ commitment to continuous improvement – not least because profits are surprisingly marginal and the government is ultimately at the whim of popular opinion – and everyone from the TOCs to the Minister for Transport knows that public goodwill is close to its limit. We have therefore been working with GTR to engineer …

nickNew Case Study: GTR

Unpick silos with an Unconference

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Cari Hewer   How do you get established teams of experienced people fired up for emerging challenges, unleashing news ideas and working even better together? Well, if you’re happy to try something a little bit ‘out there’ an ‘unconference’ could be all you need. Unconferences are not new (they even have a Wikipedia entry). First introduced in the late 90s in the tech industry, they are gatherings with only a loosely defined structure, allowing discussion topics and relationships between participants the freedom to blossom without being too tethered to a formal direction. In a true unconference, the agenda is put …

nickUnpick silos with an Unconference
"The no-blame fallacy"

The ‘no-blame’ fallacy – and a more productive alternative

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For at least a decade, the idea of a “No blame culture” has been a watchword of modern business. Nobody wants to work in an environment where people who ought to work together are too busy sniping and protecting their own empires to do a great job. It’s a good logic: the effort involved in protectionism in an ultra-competitive environment is a huge waste of a company’s resources and talent. A business which models itself on civil war can expect the same devastation and lack of productive, targeted effort as a real war . But is a “No blame culture” …

nickThe ‘no-blame’ fallacy – and a more productive alternative
The Art of Facilitation

Check out our latest article on HRZone: Facilitation

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Got a spare moment? Want to solve some of the more intractable people issues in your organisation? Then take ten minutes out of your day to read A2B’s Drew Barritt on the art of facilitation. It’s a skill which will pay for itself many times over by deflating problem issues and challenging situations. But it’s a skill which most people think is “natural-born” – something you can’t master over time. Well, that’s not quite true, and even if you won’t ever become the Henry Kissinger of the corporate world, you can certainly improve your facilitation skills enough to make a real …

nickCheck out our latest article on HRZone: Facilitation
It's a long way down...

If you want to get a team, get talking

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An intriguing set of recent surveys from top business analysts has lifted the lid on what effective leaders do – and, indeed, how sometimes they are scuppered in their ambitions. We don’t really have a matching term for the American ‘C-Suite’; and that’s a shame, because the C-Suite doesn’t quite match the idea of a British ‘board’. The C-Suite is designed around the idea of responsibility rather than role, so it rightly includes senior civil servants, functional experts (even when sometimes they are non-executive) – all the people who fundamentally need to shoulder management burden, whether they are credited with it or not. Analysts …

nickIf you want to get a team, get talking