Be driven by the facts, not by opinion

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The key to process improvement, and indeed organisational development, is understanding the realities of the business and ‘what is actually happening, today’.

We often find ourselves talking to managers who – entirely unwittingly – are simply improving the documented standard or ‘what the book says’, even though it doesn’t accurately relate to staff activities at the sharp end. This can lead to paper thin improvements, poor buy-in from staff and will ultimately damage the future credibility of the whole approach, due to misplaced assumptions and opinions.

At A2B Excellence, we think of an operation in the forensic terms a police force would. You must be evidence-led and prove any assumptions before you can make any changes. Once the evidence is gathered, it will point to obvious key areas of waste which can be reduced through pragmatic action and, commonly, minimal investment. Once documented, this entire process can then be presented to all stakeholders who will see, through force of data, quantification and clear evidence, the need for change and the value of your proposed solutions.

adminBe driven by the facts, not by opinion

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