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We’ve been doing employee engagement long before it was cool. It’s not about incentives. It’s not about gamification. It’s about giving teams a reason to believe in themselves and in effort which aligns with the needs of the business – now, and for the future. It’s much tougher than bribery, but it’s worth the effort. That’s why we’ve already won three global Employee Engagement awards – and were finalists for 2019 with our client, infrastructure conglomerate Dragados!

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Everything we do is based on the simple premise that an engaged workforce will willingly give their time, effort and latent talent to move the business forward; whereas a confrontational workforce will dig its heels in. Think of it this way: in a tug-of-war, how much effort is expended to go nowhere?

Our work has been independently proven to deliver exceptional new value – thousands of man-days and millions of pounds on major projects -because an engaged team will proudly give their best.

We’ve changed the whole flavour of previously conflicted projects and organisations, by removing suspicion, building trust, meeting commitments, destroying hierarchies and even having a little fun. And then we create a virtuous circle, in which all that goodwill and talent allows everyone to discover their true value and ability. It’s inevitably more than expected. No matter how contrary or dysfunctional your organisation, get in touch: there’s new energy to be discovered and we’ve got a slew of awards to prove it.

“Asset Development is a busy team, and the demands placed on us are only going to increase. We realised that improving engagement and alignment would be by far the most cost-effective way of meeting demand. Instead of recruiting or moving people around, we’re uncovering latent skills and giving our people the freedom to excel while still having a clear idea of objectives each month.”

Mark Henn, Head of Department, TfL Asset Development

To see how we can change the fortunes of your project, contact one of our team on 020 3627 7969.

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