Executive Coaching and Visioning

We use two decades of experience in a range of sectors from construction to gaming to bring individual executives and board-level teams advice they can trust. Our offer includes formal training, one-to-one trusted counsel on tap, and bespoke facilitation of management discussions to handle complex business challenges. In doing so, we have become the trusted advisor to leaders on projects totalling over $5bn.

Even the most senior executives need help now and then. Indeed, smart executives make a point of getting advice from colleagues and mentors whenever they can – it helps them to make the right decisions. But sometimes you need the impartial advice of an outsider.

We’re used to dealing with complexity, long lists of dependencies, ingrained practices, politicised environments and negativity from both labour and middle management. All of these can be solved, and all of these cannot be allowed to influence decision-making. We are trusted by boards and senior leaders on projects to dig down in forensic detail to solve problems, reduce risk and provide reliable, trustworthy counsel at the highest level.

“A2B helped us derive commercial benefit and clarity from what would otherwise be a challenging and emotionally charged process. They gave us unbiased opinion, structured approaches and industry best-practice; to validate our progression through the tough decisions necessary to keep the business on course.”

Managing Director, £90m construction management business

To see how we can change the fortunes of your project, contact one of our team on 020 3627 7969.

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