Facilitation is the art of mediating situations for the best possible outcome. There are plenty of reasons why facilitation is required (lack of communication, personality clashes, conflict, different expectations etc.) but two things are certain:

  • First, the bad news. Leaving a situation to fester won’t make things better
  • Second, the good news. There’s nothing that a good facilitator can’t improve.
  • Third, an outsider is the answer. Our expert team will guide you to a fair and equitable solution and minimise the painful cost of conflict along the way.

We have facilitated some of the toughest and most intractable environments – or rather, that’s the way it seemed. When you get stakeholders round a table, and then remove rancour and resentment by abiding by a set of rules of engagement laid out by a third party, there’s soon nothing left to feel suspicious about. There’s no right or wrong – and usually we help people to realise that they’re not that far off from the same opinion. After all, most people and organisations seek the same successes.

We’ll bring the experience of hundreds of facilitation events to your needs. We’ll be painfully honest, scrupulously fair, and help navigate you through the most challenging decisions (we’ve worked in highly unionised and ingrained organisations) and the simplest ones (do it offsite – the coffee will be better). We’ve helped mitigate everything from individual disputes to complete meltdowns where industrial relations have all but collapsed. Don’t delay – we won’t just improve things, we’ll buy you back a good night’s sleep as well.

“A2B give us the beneft of an outsider’s perspective, but as a committed partner to our work. Their facilitation means we always extract the best results we can from the workshop process – and then capture and communicate it properly. Everyone knows what’s expected of them, and that drives peak performance.”

Paul Thomas – Head of Engineering, TfL

To see how we can change the fortunes of your project, contact one of our team on 020 3627 7969.