Culture Change

Today, business never stands still. To remain competitive, we must relentlessly scan the horizon for ways to improve: new processes, new technologies and new ways of working. But making change work across an organisation is hard. We’ve done it, and we’ve made it as pain-free as possible; creating new buy-in and excitement while improving commercial outcomes.

We’re all most comfortable doing today exactly the same thing we did yesterday. And that’s an interesting problem: the people who have the most experience to share in an organisation are also the people who are most comfortable. They might not like change, and in some cases they have their own empires to protect. It’s a source of conflict for project owners, managers and strategists. And you need an outsider to come in with a balanced and impartial viewpoint to help move things forward.

We’ll help you embed new practices and align your people around new common objectives. We’ll build a compelling case for new ways of doing things – mainly by showing that they work. We’ll find the evidence from a wealth of corporate experience to drive change. And we won’t shy away from the toughest decisions – because change can also mean upheaval. Lastly, we never forget that it’s the people on the shop floor who know best, so nobody is better at consultation, facilitation and making your message stick for the long run.


“A2B helped us manage a challenging and emotionally charged transition. Jim’s team made the process transparent and honest, minimising complexity and upheaval for managers and the team alike. They supported us throughout, keeping our business on track and hitting all deadlines.”

Carl Devlin – Programme Director, TfL Capacity Optimisation Programme

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