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Rescue your recruitment with psychometrics

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This extraordinary article from CIPD suggests that, even though a bad recruitment decision can cost upward of £300,000, plenty of businesses are tying their hands behind their own backs with poorly defined job descriptions.

It’s no surprise: we have all heard of the manager or entrepreneur who hires in their own image: recruiting “another me”. And then there’s the problem of line managerial weakness. As the grey-hairs take retirement and breadth of experience becomes ever harder to find in companies which have long since stripped any spare talent from their operations, many middle managers have very little practical experience outside their day-to-day operations. Writing job descriptions is one such challenge; and one which HR specialists may not be able to fully assist with (technical insight, for example).

The CIPD article, quoting Hays research, says hiring managers are facing a litany of problems:

  • Weak candidate pools, leading to poor fit
  • Candidates with the wrong skills
  • Demotivated employees (and similarly affected teams)

The suggestion is that poor recruitment practice is a significant contributor to a UK employee turnover of well over 20%.

At A2B Excellence, we think this is a perfect example of the sort of problem which can be ameliorated with that much maligned of tools, psychometric testing. Psychometrics are still denigrated in many quarters, not because the science is faulty but because there is a perception that it is the sort of psychological voodoo which forces candidates to give more insight than they might wish to a prospective employer.

We have conducted hundreds of psychometric evaluations, not just for recruitment but also for team insight and gap analysis (and that’s just two of many applications). The point is, as a tool it is as useful for the candidate as for the recruiting business. By giving a balanced, insightful and wholly impartial assessment of a person, psychometrics ensure that the business is also a good match for the candidate; a place where they will fit in and be able to contribute.

Employee retention is hard enough as it is. To throw away ace cards before the contract has even been signed is foolish in the extreme, and for this reason, we have no hesitation in recommending that managers and Project Heads add psychometrics to their standard recruitment toolkit.

nickRescue your recruitment with psychometrics

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