Solving the Executive Pay Challenge

Solving the Executive Pay Challenge

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The executive pay gap is at unprecedented levels. In the 1970s, pay in the C-Suite was at 10-30 times shop-floor levels. In 2015, it’s not unusual for top execs to earn 200+ times the pay of their workers in the engine room. And according to the CIPD, this is affecting employee motivation. They say that executive pay is at crisis point, not only because of the disparity, but also because there appears to be no link between pay and performance. Endless stories in an avid media of the top table with their mouths in the trough, or public sector leaders leaving their …

nickSolving the Executive Pay Challenge
Getting Employee Engagement on the C-Suite Agenda

Getting Employee Engagement on the C-Suite agenda

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Here’s an interesting article from Jon Tudor, reporting on an employee engagement event he recently ran. To summarise, the headline comment from his delegates was: “I wish my board was here, they need to learn and understand this”. Why don’t board-level managers seem to take an interest in employee engagement? After all, they take plenty of interest in change management and transformational programmes. How can employee engagement rise up the agenda? Here are some thoughts on the problem, and some possible solutions: Engagement is a new discipline, and sometimes nobody owns it. A few forward-thinking tech businesses have Chief Engagement Officers, but they’re …

nickGetting Employee Engagement on the C-Suite agenda
The Art of Facilitation

Check out our latest article on HRZone: Facilitation

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Got a spare moment? Want to solve some of the more intractable people issues in your organisation? Then take ten minutes out of your day to read A2B’s Drew Barritt on the art of facilitation. It’s a skill which will pay for itself many times over by deflating problem issues and challenging situations. But it’s a skill which most people think is “natural-born” – something you can’t master over time. Well, that’s not quite true, and even if you won’t ever become the Henry Kissinger of the corporate world, you can certainly improve your facilitation skills enough to make a real …

nickCheck out our latest article on HRZone: Facilitation

People & Skills 2015 – an A2B Excellence Presentation

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What happened to ‘jobs for life’? Why do some employees want sabbaticals to go travelling while others crave security? Why don’t companies seem to think further than three months ahead? At A2B Excellence, our work on major projects always starts with the people on the team; and this has led us to understand the motivations of a rapidly changing workforce in a rapidly changing world. This is the presentation that Drew Barritt and Cari Hewer of A2B Excellence first gave at the Yong Rail Professionals meeting in September 2015; we have put it in video form for you here.

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Rolling Stock-alypse! A2B Excellence present at Young Rail Pros

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At A2B Excellence, we are over the moon to have been invited back to the Young Rail Professionals meet-up group on 10th September. It’s always a pleasure to present at YRP – the Q&A is bracing and everyone is more than prepared to question the status quo – something we advocate and love! At YRP, we’re under the spotlight of some of the brightest brains of tomorrow’s rail industry management. This session was led by A2B stalwarts, Drew Barritt and Cari Hewer, and instead of focusing exclusively on rail industry issues, we looked at broader social challenges in the job market …

nickRolling Stock-alypse! A2B Excellence present at Young Rail Pros

We’re quoted in Fieldfisher’s market audit of SIAM

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At A2B Excellence, we see first hand the new complexities generated by splitting out business activities or procuring incrementally. The “internal market”, focusing on profit-centres, “sticking to the knitting” etc. all promise economies of scale or efficiencies, but can lead to inadvertent complexity. Nowhere is it more apparent than in IT, where multi-sourcing models make sense on paper but can gobble up benefits rapidly with any and every false step. Hence, SIAM – the service integration and management model, which professionalises the business of multi-partner procurement. Top corporate lawyers Fieldfisher have recently published a report on the state of SIAM – …

nickWe’re quoted in Fieldfisher’s market audit of SIAM
Rescue Your Recruitment

Rescue your recruitment with psychometrics

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This extraordinary article from CIPD suggests that, even though a bad recruitment decision can cost upward of £300,000, plenty of businesses are tying their hands behind their own backs with poorly defined job descriptions. It’s no surprise: we have all heard of the manager or entrepreneur who hires in their own image: recruiting “another me”. And then there’s the problem of line managerial weakness. As the grey-hairs take retirement and breadth of experience becomes ever harder to find in companies which have long since stripped any spare talent from their operations, many middle managers have very little practical experience outside their day-to-day …

nickRescue your recruitment with psychometrics

A2B Excellence sponsors UK Employee Engagement Awards, 2015

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After our double win (2014 UK and 2015 commendation internationally), we are delighted to announce that A2B Excellence will be one of the sponsors of the UK Employee Engagement Awards, 2015. A2B Managing Director Jim Abbatt will also be on the panel of judges. Says Jim, “We are delighted to be involved in this year’s Employee Engagement Awards. As past winners, it’s an honour to continue our association; but, more importantly, to be a part of recognising the great work other companies are doing in valuing the contribution of their people. The workplace is changing fast and talented people have more options than …

nickA2B Excellence sponsors UK Employee Engagement Awards, 2015

We’re double winners! Engagement Award #2 for A2B Excellence

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The A2B team are very excited to announce another award win. You may already know that we were awarded Public Sector Project of the Year, 2014 at the Employee Engagement Awards for our work with TfL Asset Development. The same project has now received global recognition, receiving the runner-up award in the International Project of the Year category at the International Employee Engagement Awards, 2015; in New York. For us, it’s a testament to our belief that large organisations can make great progress when they factor employees into change planning; it’s also a tribute to the excellent work of the Asset Development team. …

nickWe’re double winners! Engagement Award #2 for A2B Excellence