Management Performance Deep Dive

How well is your senior team doing? Teamwork matters more than ever at the top – yet it’s where it’s easy to get comfortable. With our performance deep-dive, we use independently validated metrics to give you a snapshot of management team performance. At board level, project leadership level or line management level, we give you the rapid, reliable analysis to make better change management decisions.

A2B Excellence is founded on the principle that everyone has latent ability to contribute to a business – and equally that it’s all too easy to revert to average performance. That’s true of management too, but who’s going to raise the problem of diminishing management motivation?

You need an outsider. Someone with commercial credibility from a raft of previous engagements. Someone who understands both the challenges and motivators of professional management and the people who do it.

We will benchmark your management performance against independent metrics and help you navigate improvement while maintaining positivity. We’ll identify the quick wins, and give you a roadmap to transformational improvement; in the boardroom and on the shop floor.

“A2B helped us derive commercial benefit and clarity from what would otherwise be a challenging and emotionally charged process. They gave us unbiased opinion, structured approaches and industry best-practice; to validate our progression through the tough decisions necessary to keep the business on course.”

Managing Director, £90m construction management business

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