Don’t bank on an infrastructure boom – it’s time to work smarter

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Infrastructure is back on the agenda in a big way in the US. There are two good reasons why. First, the current incumbent of the White House has put infrastructure spending at the top of the agenda (well, first after immigration and healthcare reform…); because in a hat-tip to Roosevelt’s pump priming-policies, massive investment infrastructure not only creates jobs (especially Trump’s homespun blue-collar jobs for American people narrative), it also repays dividends in community benefit and long-term regeneration. Second, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has just released its Infrastructure Report Card – a simple assessment of the state …

nickDon’t bank on an infrastructure boom – it’s time to work smarter
Money Doesn't Always Talk

Money doesn’t always talk

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In this interesting article from the BBC, a fund manager, Neil Woodford, explains why he has stopped paying bonuses to his staff. Instead, his team will get an increase in pay and benefits. I think this is interesting – not because Mr Woodford is doing something new, but because he is being honest. He says that bonuses have become a given; something his employees feel they are entitled to. And in financial services, he is probably right. Therefore, they should not be called bonuses, because they are not incentivising improved activity. There is another argument that in financial services, where the media …

nickMoney doesn’t always talk

People & Skills 2015 – an A2B Excellence Presentation

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What happened to ‘jobs for life’? Why do some employees want sabbaticals to go travelling while others crave security? Why don’t companies seem to think further than three months ahead? At A2B Excellence, our work on major projects always starts with the people on the team; and this has led us to understand the motivations of a rapidly changing workforce in a rapidly changing world. This is the presentation that Drew Barritt and Cari Hewer of A2B Excellence first gave at the Yong Rail Professionals meeting in September 2015; we have put it in video form for you here.

nickPeople & Skills 2015 – an A2B Excellence Presentation
It's a long way down...

If you want to get a team, get talking

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An intriguing set of recent surveys from top business analysts has lifted the lid on what effective leaders do – and, indeed, how sometimes they are scuppered in their ambitions. We don’t really have a matching term for the American ‘C-Suite’; and that’s a shame, because the C-Suite doesn’t quite match the idea of a British ‘board’. The C-Suite is designed around the idea of responsibility rather than role, so it rightly includes senior civil servants, functional experts (even when sometimes they are non-executive) – all the people who fundamentally need to shoulder management burden, whether they are credited with it or not. Analysts …

nickIf you want to get a team, get talking