Money Doesn't Always Talk

Money doesn’t always talk

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In this interesting article from the BBC, a fund manager, Neil Woodford, explains why he has stopped paying bonuses to his staff. Instead, his team will get an increase in pay and benefits. I think this is interesting – not because Mr Woodford is doing something new, but because he is being honest. He says that bonuses have become a given; something his employees feel they are entitled to. And in financial services, he is probably right. Therefore, they should not be called bonuses, because they are not incentivising improved activity. There is another argument that in financial services, where the media …

nickMoney doesn’t always talk
Solving the Executive Pay Challenge

Solving the Executive Pay Challenge

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The executive pay gap is at unprecedented levels. In the 1970s, pay in the C-Suite was at 10-30 times shop-floor levels. In 2015, it’s not unusual for top execs to earn 200+ times the pay of their workers in the engine room. And according to the CIPD, this is affecting employee motivation. They say that executive pay is at crisis point, not only because of the disparity, but also because there appears to be no link between pay and performance. Endless stories in an avid media of the top table with their mouths in the trough, or public sector leaders leaving their …

nickSolving the Executive Pay Challenge