Let your team do what they do best

Let your team do what they do best

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I recently read a superb CIPD blog, whose authors took the rare step of recognising that the natural talents of employees are an exceptional resource. I couldn’t agree more: we have always said that our business existed to “leverage the latent talent in employees for a happier and more productive workforce”. The blog continues by helping leaders to identify what high performance in their organisation might look like, and how to win as a strengths-based organisation. But isn’t this patently obvious? Couldn’t a two-year-old tell you that people who use their natural talents are likely to be happier in their …

nickLet your team do what they do best
Sideways 6

Partnership with Sideways 6: Engagement in the palm of your hand

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Here at A2B Excellence, we haven’t stopped banging on about employee engagement for at least four years. We’ve won awards, we’ve changed large organisations and positively affected their futures and outcomes. But as employee engagement has become a buzzword in its own right, it’s easy to forget exactly what it looks like on the ground. So let’s revisit. Long before the term became commonplace, we used to say something fundamental which has become a part of the soul of our business: “The greatest overall improvements in output and efficiency today won’t come from shaving costs, the upheaval of endless reorganisations …

nickPartnership with Sideways 6: Engagement in the palm of your hand