2016 and all that!

“2016 and all that”: What just happened, and what’s next?

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At this time of year, most companies do some sort of “look back at the year just gone, and a look ahead to the coming year”. I’m probably not the only MD to be sitting at his desk, rubbing his eyes in disbelief. Twelve months ago, the idea that we would be on our way out of the EU (probably, sort of, maybe, in some way, eventually), that the outsider candidate would win the Presidency, and the idea that our borrowing targets would be out of the window – well, it’s all faintly surreal. Where does that leave us? Well, …

nick“2016 and all that”: What just happened, and what’s next?

We’re quoted in Fieldfisher’s market audit of SIAM

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At A2B Excellence, we see first hand the new complexities generated by splitting out business activities or procuring incrementally. The “internal market”, focusing on profit-centres, “sticking to the knitting” etc. all promise economies of scale or efficiencies, but can lead to inadvertent complexity. Nowhere is it more apparent than in IT, where multi-sourcing models make sense on paper but can gobble up benefits rapidly with any and every false step. Hence, SIAM – the service integration and management model, which professionalises the business of multi-partner procurement. Top corporate lawyers Fieldfisher have recently published a report on the state of SIAM – …

nickWe’re quoted in Fieldfisher’s market audit of SIAM