Team Optimisation

Any team will slip into ingrained behaviours after a surprisingly short ‘honeymoon period’ – but maintaining freshness, rounded skills and motivation is hard without validated, evidence-based insight. We offer credible, BPS-accredited individual and team psychometrics proven to identify skills gaps, traits and management styles whilst maximising each individual’s understanding of their own abilities, to support the development of truly high-performing teams.

Teams are like marriages – they need constant work to stay in tip-top condition. And the larger the project, the harder it is to maintain momentum. We all naturally converge around the average, getting comfortable with ‘the way things have always been done around here’. But teams don’t have to stagnate. There is science behind team composition, and diagnostic tools to optimise team performance.

We offer you complete inter and intra-team psychometric assessment by qualified, accredited analysts. With professional interpretation, this generates not just an understanding of your existing team and its motivations, but a solution-focused approach to realising their full and applied potential. And if you’re building a team from scratch, we’ll help you build one with the expertise, approaches and attitude to outperform the competition.

“A2B helped us manage a challenging and emotionally charged transition. Jim’s team made the process transparent and honest, minimising complexity and upheaval for managers and the team alike. They supported us throughout, keeping our business on track and hitting all deadlines.”

Carl Devlin – Programme Director, TfL Capacity Optimisation Programme

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