Teambuilding and Motivation

We find it extraordinary that some organisations spend more time thinking about the stationery than the people who represent both the greatest cost and the greatest opportunity to any business. Teams are the most important unit of value in any company today. We specialise in designing new high-performance teams and reinvigorating existing teams when they are underperforming. That’s why we’ve achieved no less than four Employee Engagement Awards wins and finalist places from 2014-2019!

Teambuilding isn’t about playing games on awaydays. It’s about giving people a reason to bring their talents to work, every single day, and to deploy them for the benefit of a business and their careers. Our work has been independently proven to deliver exceptional new value – thousands of man-days and millions of pounds on major projects -because an engaged team will proudly give their best.

But motivation takes time – and we’ll get you over the hurdles in your way. We help leadership teams to demonstrate their commitment and live the values they expect of their people. We help them to communicate, so that dispersed teams understand what is required of them and how they can contribute. We build high-performing teams by using the latest metrics techniques to put the right people on the job – and give them the motivation to succeed and to exceed their own expectations. And we listen, so that the shop floor’s voice is heard at every level. It’s hard to turn a tired ship, but the rewards are exceptional, and we have the track record to prove it.

“Asset Development is a busy team, and the demands placed on us are only going to increase. We realised that improving engagement and alignment would be by far the most cost-effective way of meeting demand. Instead of recruiting or moving people around, we’re uncovering latent skills and giving our people the freedom to excel while still having a clear idea of objectives each month.”

Mark Henn, Head of Department, TfL Asset Development

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