Train the Trainer

Some consultancies come in with the express desire to become indispensible; to stretch out their billing as much as possible. We’re the opposite. We look for evangelists; the people who will understand our new regime and then become the trainers of the future, long after we’ve gone. Because nothing beats outsiders to design a new regime, and nothing beats insiders to embed it in your culture.

‘Train the Trainer’ is effective and economical. It’s effective, because employees trust other employees more than anyone else. In our work with Airbus, thanks to on-the-ground support from first-generation team members, we rapidly embedded working practices which lasted well over a decade.

And it’s economical because it scales beautifully: if your consultant trains ten people and they in turn train ten people, you’ve trained 100 people for the price of ten; and probably much faster too!

It’s all part of our core mantra: that nothing is as effective as the latent talent, goodwill and knowledge which resides in your employee base. Some of those employees – although they may not know it – are natural trainers. We’ll help you find the heroes who are both great trainers and evangelists for the changes you wish to embed; and we’ll give them the tools to succeed.

“The A2B process allowed us to get far
more people trained and business-ready in a much shorter timescale than we had thought possible. Jim’s team were with us throughout, and we now have an in-house team with the skills and confidence to flex to demand and maintain best practice within the business.”

Chris Sampson, TfL SUP Induction Trainer

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